Prodigal Son: Will we eventually see the Prodigal Daughter come forward?

All eyes have been on Malcolm and his father, but are we overlooking the obvious in Prodigal Son. How long until we see Ainsley become the Prodigal Daughter with her first kill.

Ever since we first learned about Prodigal Son, fans have speculated whether or not Malcolm Bright would eventually become his father, Dr. Martin Whitly. Basically, would he become a serial killer?

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that he could. Malcolm has been deeply affected by his father’s crimes. How deep those scars go is what we are exploring right. As each episode goes by it becomes more and more evident that the memories Malcolm has is only the tip of the iceberg.

He also has an obsession with death. A handy trait to have when you work as a profiler for the NYPD, but when you can only really sleep after solving a gruesome murder then that’s beyond interest, but necessity.

So, the odds are in favor of those who believe Malcolm will become his father and kill.

But, while our focus has been all on the Prodigal Son, we’ve overlooked the obvious. The Prodigal Daughter.

Ainsley, who has never known her father since his arrest was when she was very young, is trying to form a connection with Dr. Martin Whitly. She claims it is for her career and she is only doing this to get an interview with him, but is it really? Angry with both her mother and brother for never being allowed to see him and get the answers she desperately wants from him, the interview is clearly just an excuse to get access to him.

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After explaining to her mother about their first meeting together, it was made clear that she had come away with the beginnings of a father-daughter relationship. Something that she had obviously yearned for all along.

And who could blame her?

Yes, her father is a serial killer. That doesn’t mean Ainsley has to automatically give up the natural need to form a bond with her parents.

Now that she has established a bond with her father, what will she do next? Will she try to strengthen the bonds? If so, the best way to do such a thing is establish something that they both have in common. Commit murder is the obvious ‘something’ here.

So, will Ainsley do it? Will she become the Prodigal Daughter?

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Probably. Either intentionally or by manipulation via her father, Ainsley does not have a strong relationship with her mother and Malcolm. In fact, that relationship is getting worse as they put up more barriers in front of her.

So, what better way to get back at them by becoming their worst nightmare, Dr. Martin Whitly’s apprentice.

What do you think? Will Ainsley become the Prodigal Daughter? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.