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Where is Martin Whitly on Prodigal Son Season 2?

Malcolm spent the latest episode of Prodigal Son tracking his escaped father down, but did he succeed? Where is Martin Whitly?

Malcolm worked through the profile and managed to make a connection to Martin. We spent the episode thinking that Malcolm had managed it perfectly; that he’d done the thing that Martin believed he would do. After all, Martin left that voicemail to get Malcolm to think like him.

What Martin probably didn’t assume was that he wouldn’t make it to where he was supposedly planning on going. At the end of the episode, Malcolm found out that his dad wasn’t in the house after all. Now he feels like he has no idea where Martin would have gone.

However, it’s not about where Martin would have gone. Martin isn’t as free as he wanted to be.

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Dr. Capshaw is up to something on Prodigal Son Season 2

Catherine Zeta-Jones’s character has had something dark going on. There was always something about her that felt off, and we finally found out what that was at the end of the episode.

She was fired for her involvement in Martin escaping Claremont. When she got outside to her car, we heard a banging noise from the trunk. Dr. Capshaw has someone in the trunk, and we all know that it’s Martin. We didn’t need the promo for the next episode to jump to that conclusion, but it is good to have it confirmed.

Vivian is clearly more unhinged than we thought her to be. She’s dangerous, and potentially going to kill Martin. Why would she do that? She mentioned to Malcolm that she believes in karma and that Martin will get what he deserves. Was one of Martin’s victims connected to her in some way?

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What did you think of the manhunt? Why does Vivian want to hurt Martin on Prodigal Son? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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