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Prodigal Son Season 2 finale ending explained: Who lived and who died?

The Prodigal Son Season 2 finale ended with the twist you know you expected. Who made it out alive, and who didn’t?

While Prodigal Son‘s Season 2 finale acted as a series finale (on FOX, we’re hoping for it to be saved!), it wasn’t written as a series finale. Just like the first season, the show included a big cliffhanger with the life of a character (potentially) over. The promo even hinted that this was going to happen!

Gil, Dani, JT, and Ainsley searched for Martin and Malcom before it was too late. Thanks to Vivian’s falsified statement, everyone who didn’t know Malcolm believed that he was working with his father. It really was a race against time to get to him.

Little did they know but Malcolm and Martin were working a case. They were looking for “The Woodsman,” and they ended up finding him. No, that’s not what killed one of them. It was after “The Woodsman” was taken care of (not killed) and his latest victim was saved.

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Martin stabbed on the Prodigal Son Season 2 finale

During the finale, Malcolm had to ask Martin to go back to the type of man he used to be. The only way to get to the Woodsman’s latest victim was to torture the guy. And that’s what Martin did.

At first, it looked like things would be fine. However, Malcolm made the decision to call the case in, along with the news that he had Martin Whitly. Of course, Martin fled and Malcolm went after him. Martin realized the only way he could be free was to kill his own son.

As Martin went in for the kill, Malcolm fought back and stabbed Martin with the knife Martin was going to kill Malcolm with. The wound was in the gut, and there was a lot of blood. Considering that and the fact that this was the Prodigal Son Season 2 finale, it’s hard to believe that Martin could survive that. They were in the middle of the woods after all.

That’s where the episode ended, though. Dani came up on Malcolm and a stabbed Martin and the scene cut to black. Clearly, this is where Prodigal Son Season 3 would pick things up. Now we definitely need the show to be saved.

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