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Prodigal Son Season 2 premiere date: FOX sets January 2021 return

Get ready everyone. Prodigal Son Season 2 will return in January 2021, and now we have an official date to save.

Are you ready for a TV show that draws you in with both drama and humor? Get ready, because Prodigal Son Season 2 is on its way.

We knew the show would air in January 2021, but now we have an official date to set. TVLine reports that FOX has set the Prodigal Son Season 2 premiere date as Tuesday, Jan. 12. It will air at 9/8c, following a new episode of The Resident Season 4.

The new night is a tricky one. We’re not fans of Tuesdays for any of our favorite shows except CBS’s TV crime dramas. It’s CBS that holds the monopoly on the night. However, Prodigal Son will air Wednesdays on Hulu, and those views will count if you watch within a few days.

What to expect on Season 2

Now that we have a premiere date, we can look at what to expect. We don’t know a lot from reports, so it’s all going to be speculation based on that creepy announcement video.

Ainsley is going to step forward as a character to watch. She remained mostly in the background during the first season, mostly there to help her mom or brother realize something. However, there were always clues of something much bigger.

That something much bigger happened at the very end of the season. When Malcolm was unable to kill Nicholas Endicott, she did it. But she didn’t seem to have full control of her body.

At least Endicott is out of the way. Will this change things for The Surgeon, who has been moved to Gen Pop? Probably not, but it will mean there’s nobody to pay the other inmates for killing him.

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Martin Whitly won’t really be a concern for Malcolm right now, though. He needs to protect his sister. While she killed a man to protect her family, Malcolm will know that may not be the way things are viewed.

Then there’s the question of Gil, who was stabbed at the end of the previous season. Jessica managed to get him out of the house and to the car, but will she get him to the hospital in time?

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What do you hope to see on Prodigal Son Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Prodigal Son Season 2 premieres on Jan. 12 at 9/8c on FOX.