Prodigal Son Season 2: Is Prodigal Son coming back?

The season finale of Prodigal Son aired last night in an explosive manner. So, is Prodigal Son coming back? Will there be a Season 2 or was that it?

Fingers crossed you caught the season finale of Prodigal Son last night. If you haven’t then you need to get caught up. It was an explosive episode with a truly shocking plot twist ending. Because of the way it ended we are desperate to see Prodigal Son Season 2. So, let’s answer the question, is the series coming back?

At the time of writing. FOX has not officially renewed the series. As soon as the network decides, we will update this post, but as of this moment no decisions have been made.


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Is the series likely to be renewed?

It better be! How the writers ended the season took fans completely by surprise. Having Ainsley kill off Nicholas Endicott when we were certain Malcolm was going to do it came out of nowhere.

Ainsley said what everyone was thinking when the moment happened.

And that is what we’re desperate to know. What just happened? What is going to happen now?

If FOX does decide to renew the series the next question needing answered is when will Prodigal Son Season 2 premiere? Due to the global pandemic, a lot of TV shows have delayed production. So, it will be interesting to see if TV shows will push back release dates until this is all over or come up with an alternative solution.

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For now, we will just have to wait and see what happens. We still need that official renewal from FOX. Hopefully, that will be coming very soon now that the season finale has aired.

Did you watch the season finale last night? Do you think FOX will renew the series and we will get a Prodigal Son Season 2? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.