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Prodigal Son: How long until Simon Hoxley figures out the real truth?

Simon Hoxley became a threat to Malcolm and Ainsley on Prodigal Son Season 2, Episode 8, but Malcolm managed to fix things. When will Simon find out the full truth?

Malcolm managed to pin the blame for Endicott’s murder on someone else. Yes, it is wrong (don’t you just love flawed characters?) but it was what Malcolm needed to do at the time. Plus, the woman was shooting and trying to kill Hoxley anyway.

Now Hoxley is going to write a book about the murder. It looks like Malcolm and Ainsley have got away with murder, but how long will that be for?

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Will Simon Hoxley return to Prodigal Son?

Hoxley is smart and detailed. He had a lot of it figured out, but he didn’t get the proof. The way his life was put in danger though led to him following Malcolm’s thought process. After all, wouldn’t you believe that the real murderer wanted you dead?

As Hoxley has time to think and write his book, there’s a chance that he’ll start to remember things differently. Maybe he won’t be all that convinced that Malcolm wasn’t involved. This could lead to him coming back for another shot.

Maybe once his book is published, it will lead to someone coming forward with some sort of news. It looks like Malcolm managed to avoid anyone, but what if someone did see something and decides to spill the beans to Hoxley? Someone with something against Malcolm?

It would see odd for Malcolm and Ainsley to just get away with things. The Girl in the Box story from the first season took up the entire season, although it wasn’t present in every episode. This could be the break to move onto other cases and topics, with the option to come back to it toward the end of the season.

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What do you think about Hoxley’s potential return? Have Malcolm and Ainsley got away with it all? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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