Prodigal Son: We’re not buying it. Jessica knew about the murders all along!

Despite what we learned in Prodigal Son last night, we’re still convinced Jessica knew all about the murders and she may have even had a hand in them.

A new episode of Prodigal Son aired this week and a heck of a lot went down in “Designer Complicity.” It was revealed that Jessica knew her husband was doing something; an answer fans were desperate for since the ending of the previous episode; “Fear Response.”

In that episode, “Fear Response,” Malcolm recalled a moment from his childhood where it looked as though his mother, Jessica, stopped him from looking inside a crate belonging to his father.

This crate clearly held one of Dr. Whitly’s victims and Jessica’s reaction to Malcolm almost discovering it was anything but calm. In fact, she reacted in a way that pretty much screamed to the high heavens that she knew exactly what was inside.

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Fast forward to the very next episode and it was all about Malcolm finding out how much his mother knew about the murders before the arrest. Malcolm eventually got his hands on a tape showing Jessica confessing that she knew something was wrong.

However, while she did confess to knowing something was wrong, it wasn’t that she thought her husband was out committing murder, but rather he was having an affair.

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Thing is. While the episode of Prodigal Son finished with it making look as though Jessica is innocent. Are you really buying it? Because we’re certainly not.

First of all. There was the flashback in the episode prior to the confession tape that made it look as though she knew exactly what was going on and decided to keep his secret.

Also, if she is innocent, then all of this potential drama with Malcolm learning his mother was in on the murders has completely disappeared. Considering Prodigal Son is a TV Show, and TV Shows are in the business of creating drama, it just seems like too good an opportunity to sweep it under the carpet already.

We’ll see what happens going forward, but right now, Jessica is as good as guilty in our opinion.

What do you think? Is Jessica innocent or guilty? Drop a comment just below with your thoughts.