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Prodigal Son: Both Whitlys are turning into their father in different ways

It turns out both Ainsley and Malcolm are just like their father but in very different ways on Prodigal Son Season 2.

During the first season, we watched as Malcolm tried not to be anything like his dad. He tried to do everything different, but he was still pulled toward his dad. And while we focused on that, we overlooked everything about Ainsley.

Okay, overlooking everything isn’t quite true. There was a moment we worried about her, but then everything seemed to go back to normal until she killed Endicott. There was a look of her dad, but then during the second season, the focus was on protecting her.

In the most recent episode, which is the last until April by the way, Ainsley showed she’s more like her father than she’s ever shown. Fed up with being gaslit, she made it clear that the blood on her dress was her own doing. It was pig’s blood, and she wasn’t sorry for making Malcolm worried.

As she explained why she did it, Ainsley’s face was straight. Her voice was flat. This is a woman who is fed up of being controlled and babied. She needs the truth from people, and she’s willing to go to dark lengths to make sure it happens.

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Malcolm is just like his father on Prodigal Son

Despite trying to avoid being just like his dad, it turns out Malcolm is just like him. At least, from Ainsley’s point of view he is.

While Malcolm thought that his actions were to protect Ainsley, she viewed them as controlling her. She also viewed his actions as gaslighting her.

After years of being gaslit, Malcolm was happy to do the same thing. And that’s exactly what he had done. Whether he meant to do it to hurt her or not, he made her feel crazy when the best thing to do would have been to just tell her the truth.

Malcolm also admitted that he’s not sure who he is today. Part of him likely even thinks he is becoming his father.

And so, it turns out that no matter how much they try, both the Whitly siblings are just like their father.

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Prodigal Son Season 2 will return in April with new episodes.