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Pulled FBI Season 4 finale episode has a new air date

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CBS pulled the FBI Season 4 finale just hours before it aired. The episode is now going to air in October 2022.

When the FBI Season 4 finale was supposed to air, real events caused CBS to make some changes to the schedule. Just hours before the episode, CBS choose to pull it. The elementary school shooting gin Texas made it clear that this particular episode couldn’t air.

The episode involves the team trying to prevent a mass shooting at a school. It was understandable and right that CBS pulled the episode. However, there were questions from the fans about what would happen with the episode. There was an important personal storyline mixed into the events.

FBI Season 4 finale will now air in October

The episode is now going to air in October. TVLine reports that the episode will air on Tuesday, Oct. 4, which is only in a week’s time.

The episode sounds like it’s going to be the original one that would air. It’s not clear if a few changes are made for the personal storylines, especially for those that involve Jubal and his son considering the storyline in the Season 5 premiere.

In what was supposed to be the Season 4 finale, Jubal needed to turn to his son to help with the situation. The mass shooting is supposed to be at Tyler’s school. In the premiere, Jubal promised to be at Tyler’s birthday party but the case got in the way. In the end, he couldn’t make it.

Tyler is struggling with his dad not being there. It’s come to a head with Tyler changing to using his mom’s maiden name instead of Valentine.

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FBI* Season 4’s finale will now air on Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 8/7c on CBS.