How many episodes are in the Quantum Leap revival on NBC?

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The Quantum Leap revival is in full swing. NBC has increased the number of episodes in the first season. How many will we get now?

If you’re a fan of Quantum Leap, you’ll want to check out the revival right away. It brings reminders about the original series, but it does stand out on its own at the same time. Raymond Lee is perfect as Ben Song, the new man leap through time with the hope of getting back home. Could he find out what happened to Sam Beckett in the process?

The series hasn’t been performing well in the live ratings on NBC. However, it looks like Peacock’s ratings have been good. Deadline reports NBC has ordered six more episodes for the revival series. How many episodes will be in the first season?

Quantum Leap revival episode count

The first season originally had 12 episodes. With the extra six ordered, we’ll now get to watch 18 episodes. This is pretty standard for a series. Anything from 13 episodes and up is now considered a full season, although we do prefer 16 and up to feel like it’s going to be a full season.

The problem with the 22-episode season order is the need for extra content. While some shows, like Quantum Leap are set up to allow for that, others are more of a serialized format. This means filler content is necessary to continue the story, and it can feel a little ingenuous just to get the episode count up there.

This extra episode order is a good sign for the future of the series. We may end up with a second season despite low live ratings.

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What do you hope to see in the revival? What do you think of the series so far? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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