Quantum Leap Season 2: Is the NBC series canceled or renewed?

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The Quantum Leap Season 1 finale airs tonight, and all eyes are on whether there will be more to the story. Is Quantum Leap Season 2 happening?

As we come to the end of a season of a great show, we need to know if there will be more. NBC’s Quantum Leap reboot wraps up its first season tonight, Monday, April 3. Is this one of those shows that’s one and done?

NBC can struggle with new shows. Just look at Ordinary Joe last year. It had a great premise and it was well written, but it struggled to find an audience. Would the same thing happen with this new series. Sure, it had the name of a popular show, but reboots and revivals don’t always work well.

Quantum Leap isn’t a reboot, even though it seemed to be at first. This is set in the same world that the Scott Bakula series was set in. Magic is the same Magic, and we got to know why he joined the secret program during the first season of the revival. There are also questions about where Sam is in time, and we have some hope that he could be found at some point in the story.

Quantum Leap Season 2 is officially happening

Of course, to find out if Sam will eventually come back, we need to see if there is a second season or not. There is some great news. NBC very quickly renewed the time-traveling drama.

Production has already started on the season. With the threat of a writer’s strike coming in May, this is great news. It means that there will be some episodes in the can ready for a fall release. We could even see most of the season written before May to be able to help with the filming process. This can help to ensure at least one show can run uninterrupted due to the potential strike.

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What do you hope to see in Quantum Leap Season 2? What do you think of the first season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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