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How is Quantum Leap Season 2 ready for fall 2023?

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The majority of scripted shows are not going to be ready for fall 2023. However, NBC has kept Quantum Leap Season 2 on the schedule. How is the show ready?

The writers strike immediately caused problems for network TV in May. Now the actors are on strike, and this is set to be a long one. It means the broadcast networks are forced to push their scripted shows to 2024. That is except for the odd one or two.

Somehow, Quantum Leap will still premiere its second season in fall 2023. How is this possible when the strike action shut everything down?

Quantum Leap Season 2 started production early

There’s no doubt that people in the industry had an idea that it would come to strike action. Those that could got ahead of the game, and that was certainly the case for the Raymond Lee-header, Quantum Leap.

After getting its renewal back in December, the writers room got to work. Filming of the second season started early in 2023. While most of the season is planned out, only around seven or eight episodes were completely written, and those episodes were filmed. The last couple of episodes were done without writers on set, but they were still filmed.

Post-production work could also happen until the actors went on strike in July. So, there will be around six or seven episodes ready for the fall.

This will likely mean a big break at the midseason point. We may also still see a shortened season like many other shows. However, at least the series has a chance to fight for viewership in the fall.


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What do you hope to see in the second season of the series? What do you think about the fall 2023 schedule? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Quantum Leap* will air Wednesdays starting from Oct. 4 at 9/8c on NBC in the U.S. and on CityTV in Canada.