What is the Queen sniffing on Bridgerton?

For the last two seasons of Bridgerton, we’ve watched the Queen sniffing something on a regular basis. What is it supposed to be?

Bridgerton isn’t known for being fully historically accurate. It’s a fun series that brings us romance, gossip, and plenty of drama. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing that’s connected to history.

Queen Charlotte of Britain is often seen sniffing something white. Naturally, your mind will go to coke. It is the white powder we usually see people sniffing in TV shows. That’s not what it is in the world of this period drama.

What does Queen Charlotte sniff in Bridgerton?

The Queen sniffs something called “snuff.” You may have heard of snuff boxes in other period dramas, with Downton Abbey showing off a collection of them at one point. The boxes were used to hold, well, snuff. But the powder wasn’t a drug like coke.

Instead, snuff was made up of tobacco products. Sniffing it in would give the user an instant nicotine hit.

What does Golda Rosheuvel use on set?

Of course, there’s no way the show would make the actress use something that is dangerous. At the same time, there’s no way the show would put real snuff in the series. So, what does actress Golda Rosheuvel use?

She shared with Decider that it is some sort of sugar substance. It’s not harmful, and it really just gives her a sugar hit.

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