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Should we be concerned about Ray’s fate on SEAL Team?

Is anyone else irrationally worried about Ray on SEAL Team Season 3? Are his daughter’s fears legitimate or just a child’s understanding of his job?

Let’s be honest; Ray is the best character on SEAL Team. Okay, actually, the entire Bravo Team only works so well because of each individual member. They need each other for physical and moral support, but Ray is the kindest and most caring character of the lot. And maybe it’s because of that we worry the most about his fate.

But there was something on SEAL Team Season 3, Episode 17 that has me worried more than anything else. He did the one thing nobody on TV should do. He made a promise he just can’t possibly keep.

The perfect family storyline

One thing I will say is that I always adore the family storylines surrounding Ray. We get to see Ray develop more as a man around his wife, but his daughter now has a role to play in development. She’s making him think twice about the job that he does; about the dangers of the job he does.

Ray has always known the job to be dangerous. Even Naima accepts it. When she married Ray, she accepted him for everything he was and everything he did. That meant accepting the dangerous job because it was something he believed in and something he was good at.

Now they have a family. That family is growing up and Ray’s daughter has some worrying thoughts about his job. And they’re understandable worries. Brothers have died in the line of duty. Naturally, she worries that her dad will die too. At some point isn’t his time going to be up?

That’s led to this promise. She got Ray to promise that he wouldn’t die.

Ray’s future on SEAL Team

Usually, I wouldn’t worry. However, SEAL Team is known for some heartbreaking episodes and we haven’t really had one of those yet. In the second season, we dealt with two major deaths and then the PTSD/suicide storyline at the very end of the season. Without something like that happening in the third season to the same level, we’re expecting something towards the end, right?

With a promise he can’t keep, it’s natural that Ray is going to be the one with the potential future problem. Even if he doesn’t die, there’s a chance that he could end up being seriously injured in the line of duty. This could put his entire future on the line, including the chances of this new house that they’re supposed to be moving into.

It would also continue to justify Ray’s daughter’s fear.

And this is why I hope nothing happens to Ray. Yes, being a Navy SEAL is a huge risk, but not everyone dies. Many do manage to work up the ladder and retire. The last thing we want is for Ray’s daughter to be constantly worried whenever her dad is away. We need Ray to get back from this unhurt to give his daughter a boost of confidence that her dad comes back.

But it’s TV. And I may be irrationally worried about Ray’s future on SEAL Team.

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What do you think is going to happen while in Afghanistan on SEAL Team Season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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