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Can Ray and Naima work through things together on SEAL Team?

Ray and Naima are going through marital problems on SEAL Team. It’s all linked to Ray’s trauma, but can they make it work?

Being with someone who has been through trauma is difficult. Everyone handles their trauma differently. Some will seek immediate help or take steps themselves to handle the past memories and move forward. Then there are others who opt to avoid, which is partly what Ray is doing.

He’s pushing Naima out, building a wall that threatens to ruin everything that they have built up to this point. This isn’t the first time he’s done something like this, but this is the first time that he’s started scaring his children. That’s where Naima is done with everything. She can’t subject their children to everything that’s happening.

Ray needs to talk about this problem on SEAL Team

The only way forward is for Ray to open up. He needs to get professional help to be able to talk about the memories and flashbacks. He needs to talk to someone about his triggers and how to move past them.

It’s not like Naima doesn’t love Ray. She wants to support him, but he’s not opening up to her. In fact, he’s scaring everyone around him being a ticking time bomb that can go off at any minute. As a mother, she has to put the children first.

Ray needs to question whether he really wants to lose his family over this. It is possible to move on from trauma. While the memories and triggers will always be there, it is possible to deal with them and not let them rule your life. However, Ray needs to accept that he has PTSD and start working on improving his mental health.

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Chicago Med put it well during the April 21 episode. We’d fix a broken leg, but mental health has a stigma that it shouldn’t. It’s time to treat the mind like we would a leg and do the work to fix it. That’s something Ray now needs to do.

This is the world of TV. There is definitely hope for Ray and Naima, and by the end of the season, we’ll possibly see Ray have some sort of epiphany to get the help he needs. However, SEAL Team has always been realistic, and things shouldn’t just go back to the way things were. Ray needs to put in the work, and it needs to be work that Naima sees so she knows that he’s improving and not going to hurt their children accidentally.

Ray doesn’t necessarily have to tell Naima everything that happened. That’s what a therapist is for, that safe space to open up. Naima just needs to see him do the work to get healthy mentally.

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