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Can Ray open up to Naima on SEAL Team?

Ray and Naima are facing marital problems again on SEAL Team. This time it comes from Ray’s trauma, but can he stop it in its tracks?

It is very hard living with someone who suffers from mental health issues, especially when it comes from PTSD. And PTSD is what Ray is currently facing. He may not want to admit it right now, but he’s suffering from the trauma of the kidnapping.

During SEAL Team Season 4, Episode 11, we saw Ray pull his hands away from Naima. This wasn’t just because they were in the middle of a negative discussion, but that his hands have become a trigger from the way they were damaged.

Ray wants to keep Naima out of his trauma. He wants to protect the family, and he sees keeping the secrets as the way to do that. However, it’s having a different effect. Naima feels shut out, and that’s not the type of marriage she signed up for.

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Will Naima pull away from Ray on SEAL Team?

It seems unfair for Naima to walk away from Ray when he’s at his lowest. He’s gone through the most traumatic experience of his life. He needs her now more than ever.

At first, there’s no way Naima would leave. However, she wants Ray to open up. We’ve already seen what their relationship can be like when Ray shuts down. It was difficult watching the two of them when Ray had his crisis of fate, and there’s no doubt that this next storyline is going to be difficult to watch.

Naima wants to be let in but Ray isn’t ready for that. He thinks he’s just doing the best thing for his family, and there’s nothing to say that he’s wrong. There is logic in the thinking as he tries to keep work out of the house. The problem is this isn’t just about work. He’s facing trauma and he needs his person by his side for this. Naima doesn’t need to know the full details, but she needs to know enough to be able to support him.

If Ray doesn’t speak now, he’ll start to spiral. He’ll struggle to keep the memories of the trauma separate for his present-day events, and this will have a direct effect on his relationship with Naima and his children. Even for his own sake and not that of his marriage, Ray needs to find someone he’s comfortable speaking to so he can get it out and let Naima in at the same time.

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Do you worry about Ray and Naima? Is there a chance Ray can open up and let Naima in? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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