5 reasons to get the CultureFly Supernatural mystery boxes

There’s plenty of fandom boxes and mystery collections to get. When it comes to the Supernatural fandom, you need to buy the CultureFly mystery boxes and here are five reasons why.

With so many types of mystery boxes and fandom merch around, it can be confusing where you spend your money. You don’t want to waste it. When it comes to the Supernatural fandom, you’ll want the best mystery boxes around. There’s only one that comes to mind for us at Channel Watchers.

It’s all about CultureFly. The brand has been around for a few years and has released six mystery boxes within the SPN Family so far. There’s another coming out this summer and the supply will continue while there is a demand, even after the show ends.

Not sure if it’s the right mystery box for you? Here are five reasons to get the CultureFly Supernatural mystery boxes.

5. It’s all official merchandise

The last thing you want is to get a cheap knock-off. And you don’t want to love something and find out it’s been discontinued due to licensing problems. That’s not the case with the CultureFly boxes.

Whether it’s Supernatural, the old Game of Thrones boxes, or even the World’s Finest Collection, the merchandise is 100% officially licensed. You don’t have to worry about someone saying you have a knock-off item. As long as you get it from the official CultureFly website, it’s 100% genuine.

And this means you’re also supporting the show. The license fee CultureFly pays goes towards Warner Bros. and the show, so you’re putting money into your favorite show’s pockets.

4. There’s an excellent selection of Supernatural items

While there was a box or two that I wasn’t overly happy about, I’ve never been completely disappointed. Every box has had something that I’ve liked, whether it’s a charm, a plush, or a blanket.

There is something for everyone in every single box. Whether you want kitchenware or you prefer a notebook and pen, you’ll get something. The items are useable and practical in the majority of cases, with some being decorative.

Some of my favorite items have been the beanie in the winter box, the most recent Castiel plush doll, and the charm bracelet (each box has started to have a new charm for the bracelet).

Image credit: Alexandria Ingham

3. You get your money’s worth

There’s no denying that it’s worth the money. If you get the boxes quarterly, you’ll pay just short of $50. You can save about $5 if you make an annual payment — getting four boxes at once and having them sent out automatically — and this is definitely something to consider.

You get about $120 value with each box. After getting the last five boxes, I can attest that the value is definitely there.

2. CultureFly is working on problems

If you’ve read any of the reviews on the Supernatural and other fandom boxes, you may notice that there are issues with some of the glassware and mugs. Some of the posters haven’t been that great and there are issues now and then with the vinyls.

Some companies would turn a blind eye. I remember LootCrate just kept sending out poor quality content for a while and I canceled my membership because nobody did anything about it. That’s not the case with CultureFly.

The company is listening. This latest box had a much better poster and vinyl figure. It was a stronger box overall.

1. You get something exclusive

There’s plenty of Supernatural merchandise out there, right? Why should you add another subscription box, especially a mystery one?

Well, you always get something exclusive to just CultureFly. Okay, yeah, people could sell their items on eBay or something but there’s nothing to stop anyone from doing that. What you won’t find is the same items in multiple stores around the world.

Whether it’s the messenger bag or the metal water bottle, you’ll only get it from CultureFly. And once the boxes are gone, they’re gone. You can’t get the items again — and trust me, I’m trying to get that first box! — so you know you’re in an exclusive club.

What do you think of the CultureFly Supernatural mystery boxes? Let us know in the comments below!

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