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Will anyone really believe the kid on Resident Alien?

Max is the only person in the town that knows Harry is an alien. Nobody will believe him on Resident Alien though, right?

Let’s be honest; if your nine-year-old told you that the town doctor was an alien, would you really believe them? You’d probably humor them at first, but that’s about it.

Even if the town doctor was new and acted a little strange, chances are you wouldn’t jump to alien from out of space coming to kill everyone as the reason for all that. In fact, as a parent, you’d possibly be very embarrassed and apologetic by the situation.

That’s probably something that we can expect on Resident Alien. There’s no way the mayor and his wife will believe Max. But that doesn’t stop Harry from being concerned.

Why does Harry want to kill Max on Resident Alien?

While we know that the parents won’t believe Max, Harry won’t. He’s an alien and is trying hard to fit in. For all he knows, humans will believe that aliens exist—all of them, not just some.

So, he needs to protect himself and his plan. He knows that there are risks to being caught, including the fact that the real Harry is somewhere at the bottom of the lake and that part of his ship is missing in the snow. Max is another problem.

Expect an episode of Harry trying to kill Max. Expect an episode of Max running away.

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However, will it all work out for Harry? Will he eventually learn that Max is just a scared kid and that he can actually find a way to connect with Max?

Right now, the alien wants to destroy humanity, but how long until the plan changes? How long until he realizes that humans are worth saving and that Max is the key to managing that?

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