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Resident Alien: [Spoiler] turns up hinting at more trouble for Harry

Harry has more problems to deal with on Resident Alien, because he doesn’t have enough of his own right now!

Caution: There are spoilers for Resident Alien Season 1, Episode 4 in this post.

We’re talking all about the ending to Resident Alien Episode 4. Not only did Harry get home to find out Max and Sahar were knocked out in his basement, but there’s another person he needs to deal with. As if his current problems weren’t enough.

His wife is in town.

Well, not Harry the Alien’s wife. The real Harry’s wife is in town.

One thing Harry the Alien hasn’t done is look into the life of the man he pretends to be. He didn’t know anything about the real Harry’s skills as a doctor, just assuming this guy lived out at the cabin and could spend all day fishing. It’s not surprising that there are family members out there that he doesn’t know about.

It doesn’t sound like Harry and his wife were on good terms, though. It’s taken her four months to get to the cabin to check on him, suggesting that he came out for some space. Wouldn’t she have been more worried about him if they weren’t having marital problems?

Or maybe she’s just been away for business and is just getting back. Or they could have joint possession of the cabin and maybe this is her turn to be around.

Whatever it is, things are about to get messy.

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Will Harry’s wife figure out there’s something wrong on Resident Alien?

Nobody in Patience knows Harry, which has helped the alien get away with a lot. And I mean a lot.

Harry’s wife is going to know him well. Even if they’re estranged, she’ll know the type of man Harry is. She’ll know his likes and dislikes, and even most of his mannerisms. She’s going to notice that this alien is off.

Of course, she won’t jump to the conclusion that Harry is an alien. She’ll just question what has happened to her husband in at least the last four months.

Oh, and there’s the problem with the two children in the bags. Surely she’s going to find out what’s there. Is she willing to cover up for him, or is Harry going to hide more secrets from more people?

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What do you think will happen now Harry’s wife is in town? What did you think of Resident Alien Episode 4? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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