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Resident Alien Episode 4 spoilers: Dinner at the Mayor’s house

Harry goes to dinner at the Mayor’s house on Resident Alien Season 1, Episode 4. What could possibly go wrong?

So far, we’ve watched Harry attempt to stay clear of the humans. That hasn’t worked out all that well, especially as he starts to form connections with a couple of the women in town. He’s also tried very hard to kill the boy who knows he’s an alien.

We probably shouldn’t find Harry’s attempts to kill a nine-year-old boy all that funny, but they have been hilarious. The arguments between the two have been the icing on the cake. Just how are things going to work when Harry ends up at Max’s house for dinner. After all, Max is the son of the Mayor of Patience!

Harry isn’t going to be alone, though. Darcy is heading to dinner with him. How long until she realizes that there is something seriously off with Harry?

Where is Harry from on Resident Alien?

In the promo, we see the question of Harry’s “home” come up. Well, sort of. You see, this guy isn’t from Patience originally—the real Harry, that is. So, naturally the “where do you come from?” question comes up.

Our alien can’t exactly say he’s from space. There’s no way anyone would believe that even if Harry wasn’t concerned that his cover would be blown. So, he needs to come up with another place.

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It’s not surprising he says New York. Remember that he loves Law & Order, a series set in New York. He’ll know plenty about the city based on that TV series, and it doesn’t sound like the people of Patience know too much about the Big Apple, so they’ll probably eat up anything he has to say.

Are they Law & Order fans, though?

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