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Resident Alien Season 1, Episode 5 spoilers: Meet Harry’s wife

Resident Alien sure knows how to keep the drama going. Harry’s wife is in town, but what does that mean for our alien?

At the end of the last episode, Harry was shocked to find Max and Sahar in his basement knocked out cold. Just as he started taking care of it, a woman walked into his house. She has a key, so she easily got through the locked door.

Who is she? Only Harry’s wife.

Yes, the real Harry’s wife. Not our alien Harry’s wife. It looks like a few questions will be asked. After all, he told Asta that his wife died, and the alien wasn’t lying. What he didn’t expect was for the human Harry’s wife to show up in Patience.

Why is she here? Why has she waited months to come to him? That’s all to be explained during the episode, but it’s clear that she isn’t happy with the entire situation.

Will Isabelle realize something is wrong with Harry on Resident Alien?

The benefit of nobody knowing Harry is that they don’t question his mannerisms. He’s just not quite the same as anybody else, and that’s okay with the majority of them. They’re not going to judge…well, all but the sheriff that is!

However, Isabelle knows her real husband. She’ll likely sense that something is wrong, which is going to cause problems for Harry.

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If it’s not his mannerisms, it’s going to be the body in the freezer. Isabelle is going looking for food, and it turns out she’s found the key to all the padlocks. Harry might want to put those keys somewhere else! She obviously hasn’t seen the body just yet, but how long before the real Harry is found?

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What do you hope to see on Resident Alien? What do you think Isabelle will do? How will Harry counter his wife being around? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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