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Resident Alien Season 1, Episode 7 spoilers: Who will Harry turn to for help?

Harry is in a lot of trouble right now. Is he really going to turn to himself for help on Resident Alien Season 1, Episode 7?

The last we left Harry, he was being surrounded by the military. He’s in the area where his ship was, and now those who have his ship want answers. But do they realize that he’s the alien?

It doesn’t seem like it. Based on the promo and synopsis, he’s free again. Now he needs to continue searching for his ship to fix it and get off the planet. At the same time, he needs to avoid suspicion.

So, he needs help. Who better to turn to than himself, right?

And no, not himself in the mirror. It looks like Harry is hallucinating as he thinks about what he’s not managed to do. He’s failing at his job, which is fine when you’re human. Humans fail at many things (and contrary to what people say, it is okay to fail!), but Harry isn’t human.

Will Harry pull in anyone else to help him on Resident Alien Season 1, Episode 7?

The thing is, Harry needs help finding his ship. Turning to a hallucination of the dead human version of him isn’t a good idea. It’s not going to solve the problem.

Instead, he needs to turn to someone else. An unlikely friend.

Could it be the new town doctor? Something about him seems off, but the guy is new, so turning to him would definitely be unlikely.

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The other option is probably Max and Sahar. They both know he’s an alien, and they will also know the area. It makes sense to turn to them since Harry doesn’t need to make up a story about what he’s even looking for. And they’re kids (and former enemies), so they’re definitely unlikely.

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