5 big questions for Resident Alien Season 2

The Resident Alien Season 1 finale tied up some loose ends but left us with many questions. Here’s a look at the biggest questions we now have for the Resident Alien Season 2 premiere.

Caution: We’ll start with the warning that there are spoilers from the Season 1 finale in this post.

The Resident Alien Season 1 finale didn’t disappoint. As Asta put everything together about the boot, the foot, and Harry the Alien, she also saw just how human he had become. When it came to him having the chance of getting away, he chose to stay and protect Asta and Max.

This was after Harry had detonated his device. He managed to get it out into space without harming all of humanity, and his plan was to head back to his own planet. Chances are he’s probably not going there. Max is on his ship and he needs to go home.

It kicks off our big questions for the Resident Alien Season 2 premiere.

Will Harry remain on Earth when he drops Max off?

There’s no way that Harry will take Max to his home planet. That’s just asking for trouble. So, it’s pretty clear that Harry is going to head back to Earth. It’s the perfect reason for him to return after he chose to leave Earth and return home. Would his own planet even want him back when he failed his mission?

When Harry gets back, is he going to stay? He’s made a few friends on Planet Earth, especially when it comes to Asta. Is there a chance we’ll get to see that friendship blossom even more?

What will he do about the government?

If Harry does decide to stay, he’s going to have a huge problem with the government/military. They now know who he is, which means they can get to him, kidnap him, and do their tests.

Well, they can try. Does Harry have a trick up his sleeve to deal with the situation?

Even without Harry, the rest of Patience could be in trouble. After all, Asta knows all about the alien that the group was after!

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Will David switch sides on Resident Alien Season 2?

David didn’t like all the orders he was carried out to do. While he knew the alien was likely dangerous, he wasn’t a fan of the idea of killing anyone. And maybe if he finds out what Harry ended up doing, he’ll warm to the idea that aliens can end up being good.

Is it possible David will end up switching sides? He’s not exactly wanted by the government anymore.

Why did Harry the Human kill Sam?

During Resident Alien Season 1, Episode 9, the sheriff made an arrest. He figured out that Sam’s wife killed Sam. However, we now know different.

Harry the Human was the one to kill Sam. We have no idea why right now. And since Harry died, the secret hasn’t come out. It’s possible that he killed Sam so that he would be invited to be the new town doctor. He did seem to want to get away from New York and Isabel. But when and how could we get the exact answers?

Will D’Arcy find out the truth about Harry the Alien?

D’Arcy doesn’t quite know everything just yet. She saw Harry’s body in the freezer and then saw Harry in the house. She’s certainly confused, but she definitely knows that Asta is hiding something.

That “something” is huge. What will Asta tell everyone about Harry leaving? What will happen when he comes back? And will D’Arcy ever figure out the truth? If so, how is she going to react?

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What are your big questions for the Resident Alien Season 2 premiere? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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