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Resident Alien Season 2 trailer teases plenty more comedy and aliens

Our favorite alien will be back before we know it. Resident Alien Season 2 premieres this month, and the trailer is now out. This show has not lost its stride.

The last we left Harry, our favorite alien, he was getting away from Earth. He realized that if he detonated the device, he would kill Asta as well as himself. He just couldn’t do it, so he took the device out to space and allowed it to detonate there. He was then going to return home, but realized there was a stowaway on board.

It looks like he’ll get Max back home, but he’ll be stranded on Earth again. The trailer makes it clear that the mission is still to destroy all humans, and he can’t let that happen.

Resident Alien Season 2 premieres this month

The new season will premiere on Wednesday, Jan. 26. It’s the perfect night, but it’s going to be an hour earlier at 9/8c. There’s another show airing at 10/9c, which is going to be perfect for fans of fantasy shows.

The promo for Resident Alien Season 2 makes it clear that all the comedy is still there. Harry is still on a mission to get rid of humans if he can, but he wants to do that without killing Asta. Asta’s dad knows that she is the key to saving people, but she needs Harry to make some more connections.

Meanwhile, Sherrif Mike and Deputy Liv will need to figure out what’s going on in town. They need to solve the murder of Sam Hodges, because it’s definitely not his wife. However, the strange things in the sky get Liv wondering if aliens really are among them.

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What do you hope to see on Resident Alien Season 2? What are you excited about from the trailer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Resident Alien Season 2 premieres on Wednesday, Jan. 26 at 9/8c on Syfy in the U.S. and on CTV Sci-Fi Channel in Canada.