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Is Resident Alien Season 3 happening?

We are still waiting for the second half of Season 2, but we already have news about Resident Alien Season 3. Is it good news from SYFY?

There’s no doubt that Resident Alien is one of the best dramedies on TV right now. It checks all the boxes, whether you’re a general fan of Alan Tudyk or you love alien stories. Plus, the guest stars have been outstanding throughout the series, and we love some Firefly cameos.

The first season was so successful that SYFY gave the second season 16 episodes. Those episodes have been split in two, with the first eight premiering in January to the same noise as the first season. We’re waiting on the second season, which will begin in August—Wednesday, Aug. 10 to be exact.

While we wait for the second set of episodes, we’re getting some great news about the future of the alien series.

Resident Alien Season 3 is happening on SYFY

There was no way SYFY would cancel its top show. Sure, the network has made some questionable decisions in the past, but with the success of Resident Alien, it couldn’t give a third season a miss.

Deadline reports that Resident Alien Season 3 is officially happening. It is only getting 12 episodes to the season. That’s still more than the first season, and it might be better for the overall story in the third season. Showrunner Chris Sheridan had said a longer episode count wasn’t always a good thing as it would mean some filler storylines thrown in.

We don’t know when to expect the third season just yet. We’re hoping for January 2023, but we may have to wait until the spring.

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What do you hope to see in Resident Alien when it returns? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Resident Alien Season 2 returns on Wednesday, Aug. 10 on SYFY.