Revenge reboot isn’t happening after all on ABC

ABC had looked at expanding the Revenge world with a new series. The Revenge reboot is now officially not happening on the network.

Fans of Revenge who were looking forward to the new series will be disappointed in today’s news. The Revenge reboot is officially not happening at ABC.

The show wasn’t technically going to be a reboot of the series. Instead, it was going to be a new story set within the world of the show. Emily’s secret-keeper and aid, Nolan, was set to return to help a new young lady get her revenge. However, ABC has decided it won’t be one of the pilots considered for the future, according to TVLine.

It’s not clear why this decision has been made. Pilots have been working differently this year due to the health pandemic that shutdown filming everywhere, with the hope of networks moving out of the traditional pilot season. There isn’t a pilot to work with, so the network will have to look at scripts and gauge interest based on social media. Maybe there just wasn’t enough.

What was the Revenge reboot about?

The series was set to follow a Latina immigrant who decided to move to Malibu to enact revenge. This time, it was against a pharmaceutical dynasty that had caused the death of the immigrant’s mother, a biochemist. This murder was somehow linked to a global epidemic.

It could be that the global epidemic element was the part that stopped ABC in its tracks. After all, with Gabriel Mann set to return as Nolan and Revenge creator Mike Kelley working on the new series, there was plenty to look forward to.

Revenge: Season 1

ABC orders pilots and scraps others

The Revenge reboot isn’t the only pilot not going to series. Thirtysomething(else) and The Brides, and Valley Trash will also not head to series, according to Deadline. The good news is the first two are looking to be shopped elsewhere, with streaming services possibly the perfect homes for them.

RebelHarlem’s KitchenKids Matter NowHome Economics, and Work Wife are five shows that are being ordered to series. There are no words on when they could fit in the schedule.

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What do you think of the Revenge reboot being canceled? What are you looking forward to from ABC in the 2020-2021 schedule? Share your thoughts in the comments below.