Did Rhaenys make the biggest mistake on House of the Dragon?

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The King is dead. Long live the Qu…King? House of the Dragon saw the Greens usurp the throne, but did Rhaenys make the biggest mistake possible?

Caution: This post contains spoilers from House of the Dragon.

We watched a full episode of the Greens plotting to get Aegon on the Iron Throne. Hearing that Viserys was dead, Alicent immediately told the Small Council that Viserys made it clear he wanted Aegon on the throne. He didn’t, but Alicent did hear all about the Prince Who Is Promised. He thought he was talking to Rhaenyra, and it’s what creates the Dance of the Dragons.

That dance has begun. After initially locking Rhaenys in her rooms, she managed to get out thanks to a member of the Kingsguard. She was supposed to head to Blackwater Bay and sail to Dragonstone, leaving her dragon, Meleys, in the dragonpit. However, circumstance allowed her to get to her dragon.

Why didn’t Rhaenys kill the Greens in House of the Dragon?

This is where Rhaenys made the biggest mistake. She was clearly showing some sort of mercy and respect to Alicent, but it’s kept the Greens in power.

Rhaenys could have had Meleys kill everyone in the Sept. It would have killed Aegon, Helaena, Aemond, Alicent, Otto, and Cristen. Everyone who is against Rhaenyra and Daemon could have been taken down in one firing end, but Rhaenys decided not to do that.

Instead, she just had Meleys roar at everyone and then flew off. We know she’s heading to Dragonstone, and she’ll likely not tell anyone that she had the chance to kill all the usurpers. After all, showing mercy won’t help considering everything that’s about to happen. Had Rhaenys acted the way other probably would have—even Daenerys—the whole series could have been over. There wouldn’t need to be a Targaryen civil war.

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