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Is Richard Flood leaving Grey’s Anatomy? (Hayes’s storyline confirmed)

We found out one doctor was safe, but that didn’t mean Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t going to lose a doctor. Richard Flood is leaving.

The Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 winter premiere answered our burning question about Owen Hunt. He did survive the car crash, which means he can continue helping the terminally ill soldiers that come his way. However, this has caused a problem for Cormac Hayes. After learning that the soldiers were coming from states without a Right to Die Act in place, he decided that he couldn’t be a part of it.

Hayes said he had to do one of two things. Either Owen would have to come forward or hayes would have to speak up instead. He couldn’t stand by as an accomplice.

Hayes found another option on Grey’s Anatomy

As the doctors worked on saving Owen’s life, Hayes considered his own options. He decided there was another option available to him, but it would mean a huge change.

He decided to resign from the hospital. At the end of the episode, he turned to Bailey to hand in his resignation and has told everyone that it’s the right thing for his sons. We know that he doesn’t want to risk going to jail and losing his license to practice medicine when his sons need him.

So, is this it? Have we really lost Hayes? It turns out we have.

Deadline later reported that this would be the end for the character. Well, he has one more episode on March 3, but it is just an exit episode. At least we get to say goodbye which is more than we’ve had with some other characters on the series.

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What did you think of Hayes’s decision to leave? What will happen to Owen next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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