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Riverdale ending with Season 7, not coming in 2022

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The CW has made some big changes to its fall lineup. Riverdale isn’t premiering in 2022, and Season 7 will be the last.

There has been some big, shocking, and disappointing news when it comes to The CW shows recently. A lot of shows have been canceled, and now we’re learning one of the returning shows is getting a final season order. If you are a Legends of Tomorrow fan, you have every right to be salty with the latest news.

Riverdale is coming to an end after the upcoming seventh season. Yes, this is the treatment we expected for so many other shows on the network, especially Legends of Tomorrow.

Riverdale Season 7 is not coming in fall 2022

There is other bad news about the Archie comics series. The show isn’t part of the fall 2022 lineup on The CW. There are a few usual suspects not part of this lineup, including The Flash and Superman & Lois.

What does this mean about the season length? After all, the series is going to premiere in January 2023 at the earliest. Is there enough time for a full season?

That appears to be the plan right now. There are no signs that Riverdale will get a condensed final season. That is some good news in terms of giving the series a send-off that it deserves. It doesn’t stop us being salty about all the other cancellations.

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Riverdale ($) is set to return sometime in 2023 with its final season.