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Has Rob Cameron taken Jemmy to the past in Outlander?

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Rob Cameron has taken Jemmy from Lallybroch. Roger and Buck think Jemmy has gone through the stones. Is that the case in Outlander?

We knew Rob was up to something. He clearly didn’t think that Roger was writing a novel, and we still have to question how Rob ended up with his hands on that book. What it did lead to was Rob inviting himself to Bree and Roger’s home, where he had the opportunity to snoop.

Rob found out more about time travel and he read the letters from Jamie and Claire. This led to him taking Jemmy somewhere. By the time Bree and Roger realized there was something going on, Rob seemed to have taken Jemmy through the stones. Is that really what’s happened?

Where has Rob taken Jemmy in Outlander?

We don’t yet know if Rob Cameron can time travel. There’s nothing to say that he can, but there’s also nothing to say that he can’t. There are a lot of time travelers out there, and they do all seem to get together.

Roger is sure that Rob has taken Jem to the past. In the promo for the new episode, we see Roger tell Bree that he is going after Jem. It looks like Buck is going with him.

But what if Rob hasn’t taken Jemmy through the stones? Where will Roger end up if that’s now where Jemmy is? Will he be kicked out of the stones, or will he end up stuck? Could he end up in another time period?

What happens in the books?

We can look at the books to get an idea of what’s going on. If you haven’t read the books yet, there are spoilers from this point.

In the books, Rob isn’t a time traveler. At least, he doesn’t seem to be. He doesn’t take Jemmy to the past. Instead, he takes Jemmy to the dam, the same one that Bree was trapped in. Jemmy remembers the things his mother told him and is able to make his way through the dam in the dark.

Roger and Buck do go through the stones. They end up traveling to 1739. Why then? Well, it’s all linked to Roger thinking of Jeremiah—just not the right Jeremiah.

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