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Has Michael Grant left 911?

911 Season 5 has already seen a couple of actors leave temporarily. The latest one is permanent. Rockmond Dunbar has left the show.

We say it’s “permanent,” but it really is open. Michael Grant told his family that he was going to head to Haiti with his now-fiance, David. After the explosion in the hospital, Michael needed to do more than just propose to David. He wants to be in Haiti with him.

The exit is currently on the permanent side, unlike Chimney and Maddie not being on the show right now. It’s all linked to the vaccine mandate, and should things change there, it could be possible for Rockmond Dunbar to return if he wants.

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Why did Rockmond Dunbar leave 911 Season 5?

What’s the connection to the vaccine mandate? According to Deadline, Dunbar wanted to get an exemption from the vaccine when it became mandatory for all Zone A workers. Zone A includes the cast members on TV shows. Dunbar tried to get a religious and a medical exemption, but in the end, 20th Television decided that he didn’t qualify.

Because of this, he was written out of the show. Should the vaccine mandate be removed, there will be the option for Dunbar to return if he wants to and there’s a way to write Michael back in.

Dunbar is not an anti-vaxxer, but he refused to comply with the COVID-19 vaccine protocols put in place. In a statement, he explained that vaccinations is a private matter. All medical matters are private to him.

We have already seen other actors removed from shows due to the vaccine mandate. We’ll likely see more of it to come.

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What did you think of Michael’s exit from the series? What do you hope to see for the characters moving forward on 911? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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