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Will Roger and Buck save Jemmy in Outlander?

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Roger has not gone through the stones alone. Buck joined him in the Outlander Season 7A finale. Will they save Jemmy?

When Roger said he would go through the stones to save Jemmy, he told Bree to stay in the 20th century with Mandy. However, Buck made it clear that Roger wouldn’t need to go alone. Jemmy is kin, and he will do what he can to save the boy.

That means going through the stones. It makes sense to both Buck and Roger. They’re supposed to be going to Buck’s time period. If they go to a time when Buck is known, he’ll be able to help Roger get to the bottom of where Jemmy has been taken.

The question now is whether the two men will be able to save the boy. What will they face when they go through the stones?

Has Jemmy even gone through the stones in Outlander?

The big question for many is whether Jemmy has even ended up going through the stones or not. The assumption is that Rob has taken him. We don’t know if Rob can time travel, though. There’s nothing to say that he can’t, but there’s also nothing to say that he can. Did he take Jemmy up to the stones to see if he could travel and find out that he couldn’t, so now he’s taken Jemmy elsewhere?

Did Jemmy manage to get away from Rob? That could have given Jemmy time to escape somewhere around the Craigh na Dun area so that he can then get back to his parents.

Of course, there’s a chance that Rob just wanted everyone to think that he had taken Jemmy through the stones. Maybe he wanted some sort of access to Lallybroch and thought both Roger and Brianna would get through the stones to find their son.

Can Roger and Buck save Jemmy?

Now it comes back to Roger and Buck. We have to assume that they will get to the same time period. We’ve heard of stories of groups of people going through the stones. They don’t all get to the same time period. Just look at Otter Tooth, Wendigo Donner, and the men they traveled with. They all ended up alone, and that’s assuming they all safely got through the stones.

Is it possible that Buck and Roger will be separated? Roger likely explained what he’s learned and made sure he and Buck were thinking about the exact same thing. This would at least get them to the same time period.

So then, it’s a case of finding out where Jemmy has been taken. Rob has a head start, which could have gotten Rob on a boat across to the colonies by the time they get there. That’s assuming Rob would take Jemmy there. The two MacKenzie men have their work cut out for them.

Of course, there are the books to tell us what’s to come next. If you can’t wait for the season, the books are more than worth the read. This storyline takes place in Written in My Own Heart’s Blood.

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Where do you think Rob has taken Jemmy? What will happen to Roger and Buck? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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