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Why was Roger so hurt by Bree getting the job in Outlander?

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Brianna got a job in Outlander Season 7, Episode 4. Why wasn’t Roger all that happy for her at first? Is he threatened by her independence?

Caution: This post includes spoilers from Outlander Season 7, Episode 4.

Roger and Brianna have bought Lallybroch and are renovating it. It turns out that it’s been two years since they bought it, and they’ve been living in a caravan during that time. Just as they hoped they’d be able to move in, they find out that the contractor needs more money, and they are both running out of their savings.

The only option is for them to start working. They would need to do that anyway, eventually. So, Bree is the one who heads out to a job interview, something that Roger clearly wasn’t happy about.

It’s not that he doesn’t want Bree working, though. It’s not really that he’s jealous, either. It’s just that he has a lot going on in his head, and he is a man of his time.

Roger feels uncertain in Outlander

There is a part of him that feels useless as a man. He isn’t the “breadwinner” anymore. Not that he was in the 18th century, but they had their roles. Roger had a purpose in life. He also had a way of supporting his family.

Something that is playing on his mind is that Jamie and Claire both asked him to look after Bree and the children. They are all people of their time; a time when the man did the protecting. The man brought home the paycheck while the woman looked after the house and children. That’s changing for Roger and Bree. Instead, Bree will bring home the paycheck and Roger is currently a stay at home dad.

It’s not easy to get out of that mindset, but Roger is at least open about it. He’s not letting the resentment build up. He’s not letting himself get too much inside his head. He was honest with Bree, and they were able to have a talk about it. These two have come a long way since their early relationship where every argument led to one of them storming off.

There is also the fact that Roger is struggling with the idea of God having a plan. They now believe that they were able to change history by changing when the fire happened at the Big House. Roger was comfortable believing that God had a plan and now he also seems to be having a crisis of faith of some sort.

Let’s not jump down on his throat about his feelings. They are valid, and he’s talking about them. Bree also understands, but she’s still going to work to make sure one of them brings in some money.

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