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Who did Roger see in Outlander Season 7, Episode 6?

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Roger found out the identity of the nuckelavee in Outlander Season 7, Episode 6. Who was the man stalking Lallybroch?

Caution: This post contains spoilers from Outlander Season 7, Episode 6

Since the start of the season, we’ve had one question: who is the nuckelavee that Jemmy and Mandy see? It’s clear that this is a person and not some mythical waterhorse demon, but who is it?

We finally got some answers. Roger found out that this nuckelavee was outside, so he headed out to find out who has been stalking Lallybroch. If you expected Rob Cameron, you’d be wrong. He is up to something, but it’s not stalking Lallybroch right now.

Instead, it’s a man you may not recognize but you’ll know. That’s only because there’s been a change of actor.

Who is the nuckelavee in Outlander Season 7, Episode 6?

You’ll have noticed that Roger immediately knew the man—and Roger rightfully punched him. Well, that man was Buck MacKenzie.

The last time we saw Buck, it was in Season 5. He was played by Graham McTavish, and he arranged for the British to take Roger to be hanged. Fortunately, Roger survived, but that whole ideal was terrible for him. It caused some serious PTSD, which took visions of Brianna to break him from.

Now Buck is back, but somehow in the 20th century. Now, we know that Buck is a time traveler. Or he would at least have the gene. He is the son of Geillis Duncan and the great-great-whatever-ancestor of Roger. That means the time traveler gene is there, and it looks like it’s worked.

How has he ended up in the 20th century? What does he want? Can Roger and Bree get him back to his own time? There are a lot of questions now with that big reveal.

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Who did you think the nuckelavee was? Were you shocked to see the new face of Buck MacKenzie? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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