Is Russian Doll Season 3 happening at Netflix?

You’ve binged your way through Russian Doll Season 2 and now you want more. Will Russian Doll Season 3 come to Netflix?

Russian Doll‘s second season has finally arrived. It wasn’t quite as good as the first season ($), but it still hit the mark in terms of hilarious twistiness. This time, Nadia and Alan found they could travel to the past rather than being stuck in a time loop. However, being stuck in the past came with some consequences, and they weren’t able to change things after all.

It is certainly a wild ride. There was so much to fit into seven 30-minute episodes, though, and now we’re left needing more. Will more happen? Will we get to see Russian Doll Season 3?

Has Netflix confirmed Russian Doll Season 3 yet?

There is some bad news. As of right now, Netflix has not renewed Russian Doll for a third season. This doesn’t mean it won’t, but it’s not happened yet.

Netflix doesn’t always renew shows right away, though. It can take a couple of months for the decision to happen, although that is starting to be less and less necessary. It really depends on the amount of people who tune into the series the minute that it drops on the streamer.

Judging by some recent releases, this isn’t a series that captured immediate attention. I get the feeling that is what happened with the first season, though. It’s a series that really does gain attention through word of mouth than anything else. The long wait for the second season won’t have helped, though.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on what Netflix decides to do. We just can’t say for sure at this point.

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What did you think of the second season? Would you like there to be a third? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Russian Doll is available to stream on Netflix.