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Is there any way Saanvi can survive the Death Date on Manifest Season 3?

Manifest Season 3 is going to have an important storyline surrounding Saanvi. Can she survive the Death Date after killing The Major?

We have a lot of questions about Manifest Season 3, especially now that it’s confirmed to happen. One of the big questions surrounds Saanvi’s actions after her actions during the Season 2 finale. Is it possible for her to survive the Death Date?

This is something the show is certainly going to touch on throughout the third season. According to showrunner Jeff Rake to TVLine, Saanvi opened a “real can of worms” by killing The Major. Sure, we cheered her on considering what The Major was doing to people, but it puts Saavni in a difficult position on an ethics level.

What she did goes against the callings. The callings are all about saving people, but Saanvi has killed someone. While she didn’t mean to do it, she still threatened The Major’s life just to get a few questions. The intent was there, even if she also intended to give the epi-pen. Things would have been different if the allergic reaction was an accident and Saanvi just didn’t get there in time to save her, but Saanvi planned all this.

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Can Saanvi survive the Death Date on Manifest Season 3?

Saanvi has already been going on a dark path, one that puts her at serious risk of death. She’s managed to remove the ability to hear the callings. She thought this meant it would save her from the Death Date, but it may have condemned her to the fate. It’s following the callings that is saving people. Zeke risked his life to save Cal, which led to Zeke surviving past his own Death Date.

However, there’s another problem for Saanvi. Not only has she removed the callings, but she’s taking action that is against those callings. The Major is just the first step. She may feel guilty, but is there a way to get her back on the track of following the callings? She’s become so obsessed with understanding the DNA anomaly and removing it that she’s lost focus on what the callings offer everyone—the chance to save innocent lives.

Then there’s the fact that her actions will weigh on her. As a doctor, there’s no way that Saanvi would have wanted to kill someone. All she wanted was answers to help save her and her friends’ lives. She’ll feel guilty for her actions, and possibly become more obsessed over saving people. This could be a way back to the callings, but it could also damn her to the Death Date even more.

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Is there hope for Saanvi? What do you hope to see during Manifest Season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Manifest Season 3 premieres on NBC in the fall, as long as it can film on time.