Will Sam Beckett be in the new Quantum Leap?

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The new Quantum Leap has just started, and it is in the same world as the original. Does that mean Sam Beckett will return?

The new Quantum Leap is set 30 years after the events with Dr. Sam Beckett. Of course, in a series that involves time travel, that doesn’t mean a lot. There is a chance we’ll see characters from the previous series return. In fact, we have already seen one.

Magic in the new series is the same Magic from the original series. Different face, but the same character. So, what about other characters in the series? Most importantly, what about Dr. Sam Beckett?

The last we saw of Sam*, he leaped into another time. The end of the series told us that Sam never got back home. Did he die or has he been leaping through time for the past 30 years? We had hoped the revival would answer this question.

Sam Beckett will not be in Quantum Leap

There is some bad news. Scott Bakula shared that he is not returning to the revival. It’s not that he doesn’t agree with the revival, but just that it’s not a project for him right now. Things could change, and we’re sure that if he said he wanted to do it in the future, the writers would find a way to bring him in.

But it means for now that we won’t see Sam Beckett. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t been mentioned. We learned in the series premiere that Ben thinks he’s figured out the flaw in the system. He went through time to see if that’s the case, but he doesn’t have his memories back yet. He needs to wait for the side effects of leaping to wear off so he can remember what he did and why he leaped.

At least the series has mentioned Beckett. It means there’s a chance we’ll learn more as the series progresses.

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Did you hope Sam Beckett would be in the new Quantum Leap? What do you think happened to the character? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Quantum Leap airs Mondays on NBC.