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Do Sam and Henry die in The Last of Us games?

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The Last of Us has been on point when it comes to emotional content. How true to the games is it when it comes to Sam and Henry?

We know The Last of Us has deviated from the games here and there. We got some backstory for Bill and Frank in Episode 3, and the show introduced us to Kathleen in Episode 4. Kathleen isn’t in the games at all, but she was a great character for the story that needed telling, adding more backstory to Sam and Henry.

What about Sam and Henry’s story? Did that stay true to the games? Do the two characters end up dying in the source material?

Sam and Henry in The Last of Us source material

There is some good (and I guess bad) news. The Last of Us stuck to the games when it came to Sam and Henry’s storyline. Yes, the two do die, and in very similar circumstances.

Sam is infected when the two, Ellie, and Joel are running away from a group of infected. Nobody finds out until the morning when Sam attacks. Joel is going to kill Sam, but Henry is the one to do it instead. It’s not quite in the same way as in the series, and I do think the show adds another layer to it.

For me, the show gave us what many of us would do in the moment. Henry didn’t want to kill his brother, but he had no choice. Sam was infected and was a threat to all of them. He shot first and then realized what he did. The guilt of that led to him turning the gun on himself and killing himself.

Joel and Ellie had just found two people they could travel with. Henry had opened up about why he became an informant and Joel didn’t judge (well, not once he saw that Henry had a reason to do what he needed to so he could survive). The two ended up trusting each other, and it makes Sam and Henry’s deaths a little heavier than others.

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What did you think of Sam and Henry’s story in The Last of Us? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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