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Are Sam and Henry in The Last of Us game?

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The Last of Us Episode 4 introduced us to Sam and Henry. Are the two characters in the game play? What will happen to them?

Caution: There are some spoilers from The Last of Us game in this post.

Joel and Ellie made it to Kansas City in The Last of Us Episode 4. While they stayed in a high-rise apartment building for the night, they were interrupted by Sam and Henry, two people holding guns at them. Henry thought Joel was a hunter, but Joel and Ellie get the chance to show they’re not a danger.

It’s clear that there is a connection between Henry and Sam and the leader of the rebellion in Kansas City, Kathleen. Kathleen has some personal vendetta against them, and now we turn to The Last of Us game to see what that could be.

Sam and Henry in The Last of Us game

While Sam and Henry are in the game, Kathleen is not. That means we don’t really get an idea of what’s to come for this personalized storyline. However, we could see something similar play out as in the game. Henry and Sam are still on the run from a group, and they’re heading out to find the Fireflies, the rebel group that Ellie and Joel are looking for right now.

In the game, things don’t work out too well. Sam ends up infected and Henry has to kill him. We could see something play out similarly in the TV series.

There is one major change from the game for Sam. In the TV show, he’s deaf. That isn’t the case in the game, but it’s another example of how some people fare worse in apocalyptic worlds than others.

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What did you think of Episode 4? What do you hope to see for Henry and Sam? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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