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Why did Sam really want the necklace on Stargirl?

Courtney met the man who is supposedly her father on Stargirl Season 1, Episode 11. It looks like he only came for the necklace, but why?

Courtney went through a bit of an identity crisis on Stargirl Season 1, Episode 11. Her father turned up, and he wasn’t the man she thought he was. Sam most definitely wasn’t Starman.

It certainly left us questions. Is Sam really her father or is it possible that he’s lying? Barbara would know if Sam was really Courtney’s dad though, wouldn’t she? She didn’t seem to question who Sam was when she saw him in her hallway. So, it does suggest that Courtney had jumped to some major conclusions at the start of the show like we sort of thought she had.

However, Sam clearly wasn’t in town to see Courtney. He was there for the locket. Why?

Just something of value?

At first, it seems like something sinister, but what if Sam just wants the item because it’s of value. He looks like a guy who is down on his luck, and his own locket has been damaged. He may have wanted to sell the locket and now he’s after Courtney’s because that’s been kept in good shape.

Now that would be a normal reason to want the locket back. It could also be a family heirloom that he now regrets losing. Again, a normal reason to want the locket back. This is Stargirl. It’s clear there’s something more to this.

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Stopping Courtney from learning the truth?

Is it possible that Sam is somehow related to Starman? Or could he be pretending to be this Sam guy? He did look similar to Starman and it’s been 10 years. The memory can be unreliable, so Barbara may think she’s looking at Sam but she’s looking at an imposter. Barbara didn’t see that much of Courtney’s father even before he just didn’t turn up that Christmas Eve.

The other locket didn’t just look old and uncared for. It looked like it had been through a war. Possibly because it was stolen off Starman’s body?

So, it’s possible that Sam wants the locket to prevent Courtney from ever finding out the truth. It doesn’t make a lot of sense why Sam would want in all this, but we’ve only had one episode with him.

But didn’t Sam know a lot? Something didn’t feel right. When he talked about Courtney’s past, it was like he had remembered bits of training he’d been through and decided to use them. Now, the writing on Stargirl has been forced at times. It is predictable and corny so this could just be more of that, but something just doesn’t sit right.

Something to find out in Stargirl Season 2?

There are just two episodes left of the season. That isn’t a lot of time to cover the ISA storyline, see the new JSA in action, and figure out what the Shining Knight meant when he said “The Queen has risen.” There’s a lot to fit in, so I doubt Sam will show back up again during this season.

The good news is Stargirl Season 2 is happening. This is a storyline to continue there.

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What do you think about Sam’s motives? Why does he want the locket? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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