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Why Emergence needs to be saved by a streaming service

It doesn’t matter who does it, as long as someone does. Emergence needs to be saved after being unfairly canceled. Here’s why.

ABC made a decision to cancel Emergence. It’s not a decision we like. The show has so much potential that will now never come to pass. Well, that is unless a streaming service saves it.

Whether it’s Netflix, Amazon Prime, or another streaming service, we believe Emergence needs to be saved. Here’s why this show is worth.

A mystery involving family

There are plenty of mystery shows out there. However, one thing that Emergence has that many others don’t is the family connection. At the heart of this show, there’s a family drama. We have two parents who have split up but are trying to co-parent. It’s not an easy thing, but Jo and Alex give us the honest truth. Both want the best for Mia, but Jo also wants to make sure Piper is protected. And of course, Mia wants a little sister—and that’s just what she gets in the form of Piper.

Too many mystery shows focus on the science fiction and it leads to a lack of connection. We don’t feel like we can relate to the people or the world. That was never the case with Emergence, which immediately brought real characters that we could see ourselves in.

The twist to the mystery

At first, it looked like we have a mystery like Lost or Manifest. However, it was soon clear that this was something different. The storyline was something we hadn’t seen with other “plane mysteries.”

The twist to the story is important. For those who haven’t watched it yet, I don’t want to tell you what is so special about Piper. However, it’s worth watching to find out. For those who have watched it, you’ll know that this isn’t a normal twist for sci-fi shows. It adds another layer and brings plenty of potential for future storylines.

And potential is what we need for more seasons. We need a story that can grow from what it was. Emergence certainly offers that.

Short seasons are just right

Streaming services opt for shorter seasons than broadcast networks. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have started to work with eight to 10 episodes per season, while Hulu seems to favor 10 to 13. Either way, Emergence will fit right in.

When the series wasn’t picked up for a “full season” at ABC, we didn’t have to worry. There was never an intention to bring more episodes to this show. It was designed to be a 13-episode story, similarly to Evil on CBS. This will work perfectly for the streaming platforms.

The storylines remain contained with the 13-episode story. There’s no need for filler. In fact, this should could really benefit with being 10 episodes to strengthen the main plot for each season.

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Who would you like to see save Emergence? What did you love about the mystery drama? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Emergence is currently available to stream on Hulu.