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Saved By the Bell: Which of the original cast will return?

We knew AC Slater and Jessie Spano would be back on the Saved By the Bell revival. Who else will return from the original cast?

There’s no doubt that the Saved By the Bell revival is on our minds. That is partially because the trailer for the new series dropped earlier this week, and two other original characters were front and center.

We already knew Slater and Jessie would return, although it doesn’t look like they’re still together like we hoped they would be. What we didn’t know was whether any of the other original cast members would make it back.

Now we know that all but one is coming back. And there’s still time for that one, although it’s highly unlikely.

Saved By the Bell trailer gives us two returning faces

The Saved By the Bell revival trailer gave us a look at the school decades later. Slater and Jessie are there, and there’s a new principal in town. John Michael Higgins is Principal Toddman, and we have to wonder what Mr. Belding is doing now.

Mr. Belding may show up, but wasn’t spotted in the trailer. However, Max was. He’s still at the diner, which means plenty of magic and fun.

The two original leads were part of the trailer, too. Mark-Paul Gosselaar will return as Zack and Tiffani Thiessen is back as Kelly. Zack is now the Governor of California and Kelly is his wife. How that happened, we have no idea. Hopefully, there’s some sort of explanation!

One more original member of the group is back

TVLine reports that one more original member is returning. Lark Voorhies will be back as Lisa Turtle. And she is the fashion mogul we all expected her to be.

When the revival was first discussed, Voorhies said that she hadn’t been asked to return, but says her bipolar disorder may have led to that. It’s a difficult mental illness to handle, but she’s getting there.

Well, things have changed. She’s on the Peacock series, and we can’t wait!

The only one missing is Dustin Diamond as Screech, but considering the things of recent years, he’s probably not going to be part of the show.

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What do you think of the Saved By the Bell revival? Who do you want to see the most from the original characters? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Saved By the Bell will premiere on Peacock on Nov. 25.