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SEAL Team: Will Clay make it back to Bravo Team?

Clay Spenser is currently stuck with a desk job on SEAL Team Season 4. Is there a chance he’ll get back with the team?

Bravo Team is fractured with members retiring and one being pulled off completely. Clay Spenser was told he wouldn’t make it back to Bravo Team on SEAL Team Season 4, Episode 3, but will that change?

The team needs Clay. More importantly, Sonny needs Clay.

Sonny has never handled change well, and now he’s lashing out because of it. His support structure is gone. Jason stepped back as an operative and Ray has gone for Warrant Officer. Meanwhile. Clay took the blame for something he didn’t do and now he’s being punished severely.

The team is struggling with all the changes. Nobody is getting along, and right now Bravo Team just needs a little bit of good news. That good news would be for Clay to rejoin Bravo Team.

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Is Lindell acting unfairly?

Lindell is punishing Clay for his supposed actions. While an initial punishment is fair, we have to question why Lindell wouldn’t eventually want Clay back with Bravo Team. He can see just as well as we can that Bravo Team is broken and needs just one good thing to work out.

However, Lindell saying that Clay will never be back with Bravo Team is just extra punishment, and it seems like it’s for the sake of it. While Lindell has wanted to bring some change to how the SEALs operate, surely he should want a team that has each others’ backs, that can get along even on just a training exercise.

It’s almost like he wants to see Bravo Team fail after everything that’s happened. That doesn’t make a good officer.

Bravo Team isn’t getting to operate right now. With the explosion out in Tunisia, they will struggle with that fact. They will want to get out there to find Ray and won’t be allowed to do anything.

Maybe Clay will find something while on desk duty that helps. Maybe he can prove that Bravo Team needs him. Could that be enough to eventually get Clay back with the team?

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What do you think of Lindell’s decision to pull Clay away from Bravo Team forever? What do you think will happen next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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