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SEAL Team: Who should Clay choose, Rebecca or Stella?

Clay Spencer has a choice to make on SEAL Team. He’s currently dating Rebecca but Stella wants to be with him. Who will he choose?

SEAL Team Season 3, Episode 14 saw a mission mostly overseas but that doesn’t mean some home-based storylines can’t take place. For Clay, it was all about Stella showing up at his door just before he was leaving (not that she knew he was leaving until he said he was getting on a plane). She wants to get back with him. He’s the reason she returned from Virginia. Well, now Clay has a decision to make.

Right now, Clay is dating Rebecca. She’s a sweet woman but we haven’t really gotten to know her. Meanwhile, we can feel like we know Stella a little better. We’ve watched as she’s tried to deal with dating a SEAL. So, who will Clay choose, Rebecca or Stella?

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Rebecca is a safer option

At no point as Rebecca shown any fear of Clay being deployed. She knows the type of job that he does and knows that he was there when her boss was killed, and yet, she sits back calmly whenever his job comes up. This was never something Stella could do. When Clay was overseas, he’d have Stella on his mind as she feared for his life.

Now granted, there was a reason for Stella to worry. Clay had almost been killed on a mission at one point. In the end, it was the fear that caused them to break up.

Clay needs someone who will support him in his job. He needs someone who he doesn’t have to worry about when he’s overseas, especially on the long-term deployments. Rebecca offers him that.

There’s history with Stella

As Sonny brought up, Stella and Clay have history. There’s a deeper love there because the two got to know each other over a longer period of time. Is that enough for him to choose Stella over Rebecca?

It’s hard to say. SEAL Team made it look like Stella and Clay just weren’t compatible. She worried too much about him and projected her fears on him. This isn’t something a partner of a SEAL can do. While she says that she wants to be with him and is willing to look past the fear, can she really do that? It’s always going to niggle at the back of her mind. Maybe the time apart was what they needed but she certainly has a knack for throwing Clay into a loop before he leaves for a mission.

Yet, that history is there. Clay still has feelings for Stella, otherwise he wouldn’t be considering his option. He did once propose (although they both took that back considering he only proposed after he almost died and with a paracord ring) so it suggests that there are deeper feelings there for Stella than there are for Rebecca.

As a fan of both Alona Tal and Adelaide Kane, it’s hard to say who I want Clay to end up with; it’s hard to say who I want to see on SEAL Team more. However, right now, my gut says that Clay should be with Rebecca but that he’ll choose Stella.

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Who do you think Clay should be with? Who would you like to see on SEAL Team more permanently? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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