SEAL Team: Expect things to become complicated and interesting for Sonny

During a recent interview, A.J. Buckley, who plays Sonny in SEAL Team, revealed that things about to become complicated and interesting with the introduction of a new character.

SEAL Team has only aired a handful of episodes of Season 3 and it has already got us buzzing. The majority of the focus has been on Jason and the effects his longstanding service has had on him, both physically and mentally.

Along with Jason. We’ve seen Ray make a significant decision regarding his career. Clay backing down from raising awareness about the damage door kicking can do to veterans and the care they receive after they have left service. Sonny and Lisa made the tough decision to part ways, and more.

All of this, along with the everyday missions they complete, in five freaking episodes! It’s been a good season so far.

And it is not slowing down anytime soon. Especially for Sonny.

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A.J. Buckley, who appears as Sonny in the CBS series, conducted an interview with TV Insider about his time in the series, along with what fans can expect as the season goes on.

When asked if there are any new characters coming into the series and if there would be anyone from Sonny’s life outside of the team; A.J. Buckley had the following response:

“Yes, there is, about halfway through the season, you’ll meet someone along the way that makes things very complicated and very interesting.”


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Of course, we are now riddled with questions. The obvious being who could it be? But also, is it ONLY going to get complicated and interesting for Sonny? Or, will other team members be swept up into the mix of things as well?

The good news is, we won’t have to wait long to find out. A.J. Buckley said it would be halfway through the season and we’re about a quarter of the way through it right now.

So, what so you think of the current season of SEAL Team so far? Who do you think this new character might be that is going to be introduced very soon? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.

Image Credit: Photo credit: SEAL Team/CBS by Erik Voake; Acquired via CBS Press Express