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SEAL Team: Why is Judd Lormand a special guest star?

Judd Lormand was promoted to series regular for SEAL Team Season 2. It was hard to ignore he was a special guest star in the recent episode.

Judd Lormand was promoted to series regular for SEAL Team Season 2. It meant more Blackburn, the best high-ranking offier we’ve had on the show. He’s always put Bravo Team first, but also always been able to play politics when necessary.

As the names popped up during SEAL Team Season 4, Episode 3, it was hard to miss the fact that Lormand was no longer one of the series regulars. He was willed as a “special guest star,” which admitted has us worried.

There’s been no news about him no longer being a series regular. When we lost Jessica Paré, we thought she was the only series regular to leave. Now we have concerns about another fan-favorite character.

Why would Judd Lormand no longer be a series regular?

We need to understand the world of TV to understand why Lormand would go from series regular to special guest star on SEAL Team Season 4.

It suggests that he isn’t needed for all episodes. It suggests that the character isn’t going to be as important to the overall storylines moving forward. He goes back to the support role that he had in the first season.

This doesn’t mean he’s going to be completely written out, but it definitely has us concerned. It’s much easier to write out a guest star or a recurring character than it is to write out a series regular partway through the season.

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Does Davis’s promotion on SEAL Team have something to do with it?

During the episode, Davis got promoted. It doesn’t look like she’s moving out of her current role, but her promotion could have something to do with Lormand becoming a special guest star.

Is it possible that Davis could take over his role in the team? It’s unlikely, especially considering the differences in rank. It’s going to take time for Davis to gain the rank that Blackburn has.

However, it could slowly mean that Blackburn’s role with the team is phased out. It would be a shame if that happened considering the great officer he has been on the series all this time.

Will Ray’s situation have something to do with it?

Alternatively, there is the chance that Blackburn could end up on some sort of rescue mission to get Ray in the next episode. This could lead to a lot of problems, even potentially leading to his death.

We hope that isn’t going to be the case. However, not being a series regular anymore really does have us concerned.

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What do you think is in store for Blackburn? Did you notice Judd Lormand is no longer a series regular on SEAL Team? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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