SEAL Team: Someone is being killed off and I’m OK with that; as long as it’s not Cerberus

There is going to be a death in this week’s episode of SEAL Team and I am OK with that. As long as it is not Cerberus the amazing badass dog.

You might think I am strange in saying this, but I am perfectly fine with any of the characters in SEAL Team being killed off. I will miss them if it happens. And ideally, I would rather they didn’t get killed off. However, I would be ok with it as I would eventually get over it. I wouldn’t be ok, and I certainly wouldn’t get over, with the show killing off Cerberus the amazing badass dog, real name, Dita.

Maybe it is because I have a dog, but I just couldn’t handle seeing Cerberus being killed off and I suspect I am not in the minority here.

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There are many of us here who enjoy seeing Cerberus jump into action with the rest of the squad. It’s one of the many things SEAL Team have done right to make themselves stand out above the rest.

Do I think it is Cerebus being killed off this week though?

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No, no I do not. After spending a lengthy amount of time squinting at the promotional images released by CBS; I realized it can’t be Cerebus. Because A) The body bag is just too big and B) I can see him in the background of the photos showing the body bag. So we’re all good there.

It did make me think though. If I had a choice. Between a member of SEAL Team or Cerberus being killed off. Who would I choose? Well, being perfectly honest, it wouldn’t be the dog. No way. It would have to be a member of Bravo Team.

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What about you? Do you agree with me? Are you OK with a member of SEAL Team being killed off as long as it is not Cerberus? Who do you think is being killed off this week? Drop comment just below sharing your thoughts.