SEAL Team: Did Lisa DOR in last night’s episode?

A lot happened in last night’s episode of SEAL Team. Mainly Clay being injured so bad he got airlifted back to the States, but during all the turmoil did Lisa DOR from OCS?

Jason got an earful from the brass, Lisa had a tough week in OCS, and an IED explosion resulted in multiple deaths and many injured, including Clay, in last night’s SEAL Team. The bulk of the episode focused on what happened to Clay and because of this, you might not have noticed the hint at how Lisa may have DOR’d.

I’m not saying it happened for sure, we will know next week if she did or didn’t, and I’m certainly hoping she didn’t, but she might have.

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The evidence to suggest she did DOR only appeared for a split second. It was after she collapsed in the fire training exercise and was sitting in her room trying to call Sunny, just before the IED went off.

Gunny had already told her to get straightened out or leave and she might have opted for option number two, because besides her when speaking to Sunny was an open suitcase. I couldn’t tell if anything was in it, so I can’t say if it was packed or not, but either way, to me, the open suitcase is a sign she is about to DOR.

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Again, I’m really hoping she doesn’t, but why else would she have cracked open the case if not to pack?

There is certainly more to this fire storyline with Lisa, as it has not been looked at before in previous episodes, so expect it to return, and therefore Lisa to stick around in SEAL Team, even if she does leave OCS.

We’ll know for certain next week though when things move forward and the team seeks out those responsible for the IED bombing.

What do you think? Did Lisa DOR in last night’s episode of SEAL Team? Shout out your thoughts by dropping a comment just below.