SEAL Team: Is Mandy Ellis really gone?

The SEAL Team Season 4 premiere was full of reveals and major moments. One of those was the exit of Mandy Ellis. Is this really it?

The SEAL Team Season 4 premiere delivered some big answers to burning questions and brought us plenty of reveals. One of those was Mandy Ellis, who has decided it’s time to call it a day with the CIA.

The writing has been on the wall for some time. After the demotion at the end of Season 2, we didn’t get to see her as often as normal during the third season. When we did see her, things were difficult.

It all came to a head with the death of her CI. Mandy realized just how much she was losing. With everything that happened to Bravo Team in the field that final time, she realized it was either get out now or lose herself forever.

All she could do was save herself.

Is that really it for Mandy?

Just ahead of the SEAL Team Season 4 premiere, there were rumors that Jessica Paré would no longer be a series regular.

It looks like this was planned for the original Season 3 finale. The coronavirus brought an end to the show abruptly, which meant the exit comes at the end of the two-hour Season 4 premiere.

This is a very real exit for Mandy. According to The Wrap, the show is keeping things as real as possible. When it comes to these teams, people come and go.

That doesn’t always work for TV shows, since that means fan-favorite characters are written out. It means fan-favorite actors are written out. Writers try not to bring characters out of their shows, making it harder to follow real life.

Yet, SEAL Team has always followed real life events. Davis was able to go the officer route, while Ray is now going the warrant officer route. Jason is stepping back, and Cerberus is retiring.

So yes, this is a case where a character is being written out to keep things real. War takes it toll, and that’s what we’re seeing with Mandy and others.

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Jessica Paré will be back with the SEAL Team family

While Mandy is out, Paré is not completely gone. There is a chance we’ll see her pop up as a recurring character. She won’t necessarily walk away from the friends she has made, especially Jason.

However, even if Mandy doesn’t return, Paré will be back with the family soon. She’ll direct an episode, likely Episode 10 of the current season. It will be her directorial debut.

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