When is SEAL Team back in 2021?

We’re feeling the drought when it comes to SEAL Team. When will Bravo Team return to our screens in 2021? Here’s all we know so far.

If there’s one show we’re missing a lot, it’s SEAL Team. We only just got it back and then it went on its winter break.

All eyes are on when we’ll watch Bravo Team find and save Ray from his captors. After all, we’re certain it’s going to work that way, although I’ll admit that I’m worried about Blackburn considering Judd Lormand’s switch from series regular to special guest star.

Now you want to know when SEAL Team Season 4 is back with new episodes. There’s some great news. There isn’t long to wait.

SEAL Team Season 4 returns next week

There’s just one more week to wait for new episodes of Bravo Team in action. Episode 5 of the current season will air on Wednesday, Jan. 13.

Yes, that’s right!

There is only one episode, but hopefully, it will wrap up Ray’s storyline. The question is whether it’s going to wrap it up in a good way or a bad way.

The official synopsis reads:

With no leads on Ray’s whereabouts, Jason pushes Bravo team to extreme lengths and considers crossing a dangerous line to help locate their missing brother; Ray tries to survive captivity.

It’s certainly not going to be an easy episode to watch. We’ll watch as Bravo Team figure out where their brother is. I’m sure Jason and Clay will be the ones to mostly do the thinking, proving that they are in their rightful places with the team.

Meanwhile, Ray is struggling to survive captivity. Will that be mentally or physically?

Once Ray is saved (I’m sure it’s going down that way), will the show focus on the trauma he’s faced? SEALs go through a lot anyway, but not all will go through traumatic experiences like being captured. Is it possible that we’ll see Ray dealing with PTSD when he gets back home?

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There’s a little bit of bad news

While the good news is that the show is returning with new episodes, there is a bit of bad news. It’s taking a week off after that.

However, Episode 6 will air on Jan. 27.

This scheduling isn’t due to COVID-19, but for the Presidential Inauguration on the day. CBS is going to air the inauguration. I’d rather have a week break instead of waiting two extra weeks for new episodes.

Another bit of bad news is that SEAL Team hasn’t been able to return to filming on time after the winter break due to the surge in coronavirus numbers. This could mean another break is coming up depending on when the L.A.-based show is able to return.

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What do you hope to see when Bravo Team is back on our screens? Let us know in the comments below.

SEAL Team is available to stream on CBS All Access, via Amazon Channels.